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The Busy Schedule Workout Plan

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The Busy Schedule Workout Plan

With a busy schedule, finding the time to meet your fitness goals can be extremely hard. With the return of our £10/month plan, we’ve put together a workout plan that can be done in 3 x hour long sessions or 5 x 30-minute sessions.


We always recommend beginning with 5 minutes of stretching, no matter how long your workout will be. Focus on active stretching, gentle fluid movements with little time holding each pose. This type of stretching encourages blood to move towards important muscle groups, preparing them for more extreme movements. For more information on stretching, read our post on the importance of stretching.


To make your routine as efficient as possible, begin with cardio. Cardio will elevate your heart rate and keep it high, maximising your calorie burn. HIIT is perfect for this cardio section as it focuses on increasing your heart rate in a short period of time. Aim for 10 minutes on a 30-minute plan and 25 minutes on an hour plan.


After cardio, move straight onto strength training. Choose either upper body, abs, or lower body and focus on moves that target these areas. When following the 3 x hour sessions, train one area per session for a total of 25 minutes. For the 5 x 30 minutes sessions, spend 2 sessions on upper body and lower body, and 1 session on abs. Once again, aim for 10 minutes. Spending more time training the upper body and lower body means your target larger muscle groups, making your workouts more effective. It’s important to have strength training in your workout as increased muscle mass allows you to burn calories when you are not working out.

Stretch, again

Much like you need to warm your body up before a workout, you need to cool them down after. Stretching after you have exercised can prevent soreness and encourage your muscles to heal faster.  A 5-minute stretching session at the end of a workout is enough to reap the benefits.



Posted on 10th July 2017

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